Best DIY Kitchen Ideas Ever

Changing a few things around your household can definitely help in a lot more ways than one thinks. This does not mean you have to go over the top and redecorate everything from scratch, but a few DIY tricks could certainly help improve your kitchen and give it a new look. Here are a few such tricks;

Concrete Island

An island is something that one cannot miss in any small kitchen renovations Sydney If you have always wanted one yet cannot afford to spend a whole lot of money to get your dream island, then you could always try building a DIY concrete island that is ever so simple to create. You could even tile over it to cover up the concrete or you could leave it just the way it is while it adds a different and unique look to the kitchen all on its own.

Framed picture and chalk board

You could hang an abstract painting you made by yourself using spray paint and twine or you could opt to even hanging up a few of your kid’s art projects. Another suggestion would be to turn a few frames into a blackboard by painting them with chalk board paint and using it to jot down measurements or even recipes.


Similar with those modern kitchen designs Sydney even you could try to fancy things up in your kitchen by hanging up a few vintage cast off plates display. If you have already got a few of these plates then that would be ideal or you could even purchase a couple of these from the dollar stores around the corner. Using wall hangers hang up and display these amazing cast off plates to create an out of the box display.

Coasters and napkins

Instead of purchasing brand new coasters you could try a few DIY coasters. There obviously is a range of things you could use to make a few coasters so depending on whichever look you’re going for or whichever is your favorite, choose from them and make your own. A suggestion would be to make wooden coasters with chopped wood slices that are round and flat or you could even try the coasters that are made from rolled up magazine sheets. There are coasters made from Popsicle sticks too, so this too would be a suggestion. As for napkins, you could purchase a few off white color napkins and using a hammer press a few leaves on to it acting as natural dye, thus adding a little natural design to it.

Matching mismatches

If you have got mismatched furniture in the kitchen, turn them into matching ones by painting over the color of these stools and chairs. You could also stich in new fabric to the cushions to make them even more matched and part of a furniture set.

Try these amazing DIY methods and add a whole new look to your kitchen. Be proud of your handy work end of the day and have fun cooking your most favorite and amazing dishes to be enjoyed by the entire family!