How Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over The World?

Humans have advanced and taken great strides and steps since the early days of living in cages and such. The advancement of technology has allowed us to lead a much more lavish life style than our ancestors did. Cooking meat was something that required wood and lighting up a fire but now it can be done with a switch of a button thanks to ovens and induction cookers. Television sets that once displayed grainy black and white images now display ultra-High definition content with amazing clarity and quality. Technology has affected our lives in a multitude of ways that allow us to have a more enjoyable life. 

Just when like the industrial age, the current age we live in is the age where every multinational tech company is racing to develop devices that can incorporate artificial intelligence to their function. Artificial intelligence is as everyone knows is developing systems that have human intelligence and decision making skills that would allow them to complete tasks that would usually require a human to aid or do the process. By incorporating artificial intelligence into day to day appliances gives appliance spare parts Sydney the ability to do tasks that would normally require a human activity such as giving coffee makers the ability to make coffee at a specific time so that owners have their cup of coffee ready by the time they come downstairs.

We now have smart bulbs that allow us to change the hue and brightness from our smart phones and switch them on at a specific time. Smart thermostats are available which cab change the temperature according to the weather outside. This is not to say that smart devices are problem free. The main issue about smart home appliances is when it comes to appliances repairs such as smart washing machine repairs it is difficult to find qualified and experienced technicians who know to operate and repair such advanced devices. These devices are also extremely expensive, making it out of reach for around half of the world.

The latest phones are enabled with digital assistants who are intelligent enough to carry on a conversation and do activities like setting up an alarm or dropping a text without the individual laying his hands on the device. Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay. There are widespread fears the number of jobs that artificial intelligence will affect. Some researchers estimate that at least 700 jobs will be lost when artificial intelligence becomes the norm due to the cheaper costs and higher efficiency. Artificial intelligence can now make human judgments that were at one point too complicated for the computer.