Searching For Windows? Know A Few Types

Windows play a major role in enhancing beauty, functionality and energy efficiency of your home. Selecting window for your home is not a very easy task, but it is important that you should know about the many different types of windows available. Once you are aware of their types and their pros and cons, you can choose the right one which will suit best your home.

You can find different shapes of windows, such as rectangular, square, triangular and so on. But you need to remember that all types of windows will not match with your home. Whether your home needs casement windows or other types of windows, you need to have a clear idea.

You have to know which type of window is best suited for any particular area of your home. While awning windows are perfect for areas that are hard to reach, these may not suit your bedroom.

Here are a few different kinds of windows which may give a beautiful look to your home.

Bay or Bow Windows

If you want to expand the space of your home, then bay or bow window is really suitable. These windows forsake from the exterior wall, and this is one of the benefits of installing this type of window. In this way, this window leaves a little space in your house. If you install larger bay window, it will provide you more free space. Apart from that this type of window will give you the feeling of a different architecture. Whereas bay window suits best for Modern house, bow window suits best for ancient Victorian house. But both these windows provide a beautiful look to your home. Before you install this type of window make sure about your budget. Bay windows are much more inexpensive than bow windows. On the other hand, bay window will free up more space and in family gathering your guests can even prepare a window sit with this bay window.

Skylight Windows

Do you want to make some difference in window planning? Then you may go for skylight window. If you love to keep the presence of sun even when you are in home then roof top window is the best choice for you. Not only in day time but also you may enjoy the view of night sky through this window. On the other hand, this type of roof top sky light window creates special ventilation in your home. But here is a problem of installing this type of window- in monsoon you may suffer. However, skylight windows are really cost friendly.