Accessories Which Bring In Style And Comfort To Your House

RTA cabinets are becoming quite popular in the market today. It is one of the sought after products of recent times related to home improvement. The ready to assemble aspect of the product makes it more popular among people who like to do as it saves their money on labour. This is one of the economical choices and preferred by most people with low budget. There are some popular designs available in wooden fixtures which are affordable and can be used for remodelling the cooking space. One can also add their personal touch by using their own creative ideas.


When we talk about the DIY kitchen from Gold Coast, the very first thing which comes to mind is the moldings. It is a very common item when it comes to such accessories. By adding moldings, one can easily spruce up the look of their cabinets in a simple and economic manner. Go for matching finishes and appropriate sizes when choosing for the set up. There is variety of moldings available in the market which can add beauty to your cabinets. Simple choose according to your choice.

• Dentil Molding

• Crown Molding

• Base Molding

• Outside Corner Molding

• Chair Rail Molding

Glass Doors

One can find many available options when it comes to customising the look of the cabinets. Right from good custom cupboards to new equipment, everything can be transformed according to one’s need and budget. Glass doors are something which can be easily added to remodel the look of the cabinets. It looks quite beautiful and transforms the entire look of the cabinetry. Though you can easily add them to your cabinet, it will need more maintenance than you would have given to solid wood doors. You have to keep it clean and clear in order to maintain it. The displayed items within this cabinet should also be properly organised and kept dirt free. Therefore, consider what you are storing in these cabinets and then only go for glass doors.

Fillers and Valances

Filler strips are used for installation of such RTA cabinets or to connect it to the wall. It is fastened so as to improve the look and also its functionality. Filling in gaps with these strips will give it a more sophisticated look. Valances are wooden strips used to enhance the beauty of the cabinet. It is also used for hiding details, like wirings, brackets, lighting etc.

Roll out trays

These not only improve the look but also enhance the functionality of the cabinet and add to the productivity. It gives easier access to stuffs kept inside the cabinets. You do not need to build one for your cabinet as these are available, ready to use and usually supplied by the cabinet suppliers.