Breaking In To Your Own House

It might seem like a surprising fact but most home owners, in fact most people will find themselves locked out of their homes at some point of their lives and the truth is that most of them are not prepared for this. While preparing yourself ahead of time is the ideal solution by hiding an extra key somewhere in your garden or at a trusted friend or neighbours house, this is not something that is often done. Therefore, if you have found yourself in this situation, you are going to have to find a way of breaking in to your own house. The very scary truth of the matter is of course that it is not as difficult as you might think. If you know the right methodology, breaking in to your house is fairly easy.

Call a professional to help you

Of course the most obvious solution if you get locked out of your own house is to call in one of the professional locksmiths in your area to help you. If you successfully manage to contact a professional, you do not need to worry as you can relax and wait for the professional to arrive and he will sort your problem out for you in no time.

It is important that you keep the contact details for an emergency locksmith with you at all times so that you are always prepared. It is important for you to keep in mind that it is not just your home that you can get locked out of but your car or your office or any other place and therefore having emergency numbers with you at all times can come in handy when you least expect it.

Use a plastic card

The problem arises when you are unable to get through to a professional and you have to find a way of breaking in to your house yourself. You can use the “credit card” method by using one of the cards you have in your wallet to slide it in to the groove between your door and the door frame and slowly try to pry the lock open. With this method, you have to be extremely patient and extremely gentle because you do not want to break your credit card in the process.

Another interesting point is that if you try looking for unlatched windows, you might actually be lucky enough to find one. Many of us do not pay close attention to latching all of our windows all of the time so might just be lucky.